For all your car air conditioning requirements , from your standard regas service to the major repairs on the air conditioning components , we have all the equipment & experience required to get the job done.



Over time your cars air conditioning system will build up moisture in the system which will break down the quality and capacity of the gas , at DG Motors we can remove your old gas , vacuum your air conditioning system and refill with new gas to bring your air conditioning back to its full operating ability.


Some of your cars air conditioning components are located in vulnerable areas of your car leaving them open to damage from stones etc from the road causing punctures to your air conditioning condenser radiator etc. When we carry out an air conditioning service we vacuum your system which will test for any leaks or punctures in your aircon circuit. We also have the latest computer diagnostics which can test the electronics in your aircon system.


Most modern cars are fitted with a pollen filter in the air intake of your air conditioning ventilation which prevents pollen and dirt entering into your car , this is a service item and should be replaced every 30,000 km , if this is not replace it will have a major effect on the operation of your aircon system.